Ladies Range Day Working Group

March 22, 2017

Thank you to all who have attended meetings or signed up to help with Ladies’ Range Day.  This year will be our 18th one!!  If anyone has an questions, concerns or suggestions – please let us know!!

We need to borrow an EZ up for Trap/Skeet and one for fishing pond.  If you can loan one that day please let me know.  We also need to borrow 6 large coolers if possible to divide up leftover breakfast items and waters, etc. to place at venues for participants.  Let me know if you can loan any of those also.  Bring them to Club House Thursday or Friday evening before the day and They’ll be there afterwards.

Donations — make sure you enter a comment to show which ones you’ve asked for and which are actually acquired.  These can be donations to help run the day or for raffles for participants or volunteers.  The women also enjoy receiving small items from various locations.  Make sure you give me a list of the items and the address and name of the person to thank afterwards.  We also make a list of sponsors to advertise who helped us.  There is a letter to send seeking donations also.

If you think of any details we have missed, let us know.  All venues will be seeking help the Saturday before the event for getting their areas clean, in order and ready.  Also remember the Thursday and Friday evenings (4pm) before can use a lot of help!  I will be posting a general task list for what we need to do the Thursday and Friday before LRD — if there is anything I miss please let us know.

See who’s signed up, thus far, for where.  Please make sure you are on the list for an area you’d like to work.  You can check the printed list at any meeting (next one in April) to make sure your phone #’s, member #’s and emails are accurate — the website list just has names and venues.

Less than 1 1/2 months will go by quickly and LRD will be here!!  My prayer is for cool, but dry weather — with sun.  Also that all details will be covered, all people will be safe and tasks will smoothly — that the  day will be truly Glorious — as all the prior years have been.

Wilma Sutherland, Coordinator LRD

Rachael Sutherland, Assistant Coordinator LRD



January 17th Meeting

Thank you to all that attended the meeting on a cold, wet January 17th.  The next one will be February 21st; then March 21st.

Please remember to collect milk-jugs with caps, tied together and to railing at Rifle Shack and tucked under edge so snow does not crush them.

Also be pursuing sponsors and donations – there’s a form at our website to print and sign/send.

If you have not volunteered yet, please print form from website and send to Sharon Malanczuk.

If  you have any questions or suggestions, let us know.


Wilma Sutherland,