LRD Letter From Coordinator

LRD to Participants from Coordinator

Participants: You can print a copy of the Flyer off and tape it to your wall to remember f what’s needed.

When you arrive you will check in at the Archery Shack and go right to the Pavilion.  There are tables there for 7 different groups.  Each group can hold 20 persons at the most.  Please, if you are planning on being with a specific group of persons then have someone get there early enough to reserve tags for all of you together.  If groups are mostly full then you’d have to split up, so plan accordingly.

Continental Breakfast will be available when you arrive (we try to be setup by 7:30am latest.  We have some sales items (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) to remember your day.  They are for sale before at the Archery Shack, During lunch at the clubhouse and after at the Pavilion.

If you bring a food-item for the HVCC (Hockanum Valley food pantry) you get a small gift as a thank you.

At the very end you need to leave your safety glasses and group tags — and please fill out the survey as we’re always looking for ways to make it an even better day!!

Dress for the weather.  Last year it was cold and rainy.  We still had a good day but make sure your feet and body are warm enough — or cool enough if it’s a heat wave.  Re-read your flyer for reminders of anything else.

Wilma & Rachael Sutherland, Coordinators LRD 2017

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