Charlie Gallagher

FOR SALE: Glock 23

Glock 23, 3rd Gen., .40 Caliber. Two 10 round magazines. Less then 100 rounds through it. It was my first non 9mm gun and I don’t like keeping track of calibers. Looking for $300. Contact Kyle at or (860)402-4752 CT form DPS-3-C may be downloaded here:

FOR SALE: Firearms

CT form DPS-3-C required for all sales. Contact George at or (860) 649-1240 Winchester model 94 caliber 30-30, $290.00 SAVAGE model 10ML-11 muzzleloader,smokeless powder 50 caliber $495.00 CVA  NEW IN BOX electric ignition 50 caliber muzzleloader $450.00 T/C White Mountain Carbine 50 caliber muzzleloader $250.00 T/C Hawken 50 caliber Muzzleloader $500.00 T/C Encore 50 …

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