Competition Results

2020 Bench Rest Match Results

Six riflemen participated in this year’s match. Kris S. started the year off taking top honors with a combined score of 412. He accomplished it with two different 22LR rimfire rifles that resulted in a great 50yd rimfire score of 238 plus a great 100yd score of 174. Bernie D. posted the second highest combined score of 377 also using two different rimfire rifles. A new rifleman Ed F. quickly showed great form shooting the day’s best accuracy score of 188 with his nice varmint class 223 cal. bolt rifle. Rick A. took top Senior score and Chris V. posted a .627“ precision centerfire score edging past Ed F. who shot four impressive centerfire groups. Hoffman’s Gun Shop sponsored this club match providing store gift cards that were presented to top scorers in various events. In conclusion, fun was had at this challenging form of rifle marksmanship, but most importantly we were all glad to get out and safely participate in the shooting sports. 

NAME AGE CAL.      50yd






Kris S. Ad .22LR/22LR 238(3x)/1st      174(1x)/1st  
Bernie D. Ad .22LR/.22LR 208(2x)/2nd      169(1x)/2nd  
Chris V. Ad .22LR/.222/.222 203(1x)/3rd      162(3x)/2nd .627”/1st
Ed F. Ad .22LR/.223/.223 158 (0x)/4th      188(1x)/1st       .814”/2nd
Tyson N. Ad .22LR/.22LR/.22LR 143(2x)/5th        92(0x)/3rd 1.597”/1st
Rick A. Sr. .22LR/ 132(3x)/1st Sr.    
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