Crystal Lake Clubhouse

Rockville Fish & Game offers to every member, and their family, a wonderful little piece of serenity. Located on Crystal Lake’s south end is a cottage that provides bathrooms, a kitchen, sitting area, screened porch, a picnic area, a spacious dock, and a rowboat available for each member to use.

If you’re a fisherman, the lake extends a challenge. Bass, trout, and bluegills are abundant. The boat must be signed up but there is plenty of space to fish from the dock. Have your own boat? RF&G rents out slips on its’ dock. There is a boat launch right next to the dock if you care to use your boat, with plenty of parking. Paddlers have a place to store their canoe too. Not a fisherman? There is access to a public beach just a stone’s throw away. Members seem to socialize at the cottage year-round. Ice fishing is becoming very popular. Opening Day starts very early with various activities.

All season long there are work parties and potluck dinners. Thursday nights offer a lot to do at almost any RF&G location. So, bring your family and your friends to a wonderful location to enjoy the scenery and the fishing–most of all remember to observe all boating rules, and play safely.

Boating at Shenipsit Lake

The Crystal Lake Committee donated a canoe to the Snip Assoc. for general use.  Now, anyone from the club can use any of the loaner boats at the Snip for fishing.  Just bring oars, or electric motor or battery, and all other necessary equipment needed.

Just go to the boat shack and sign in to use a boat.  Good idea to bring your membership card!! Just mention that you come from the RFG club, and someone will help you get a boat to the water.

Boat Slip Rentals (Members Only)

  • Existing slip/rack boats storage must be registered and paid with RF&G by March 1, 2019
  • Cost for storage
    1. Slip cost is $65 per season. Max boat length is 14’, no exceptions. Sail and water ski boats prohibited.
    2. Rack storage $55 per vessel, $30 for additional Kayak stored in same rack location. Limit of 1 Canoe or 2 Kayaks per rack location. Only Canoes and Kayaks on racks.
  • No storage of personal gear within the cabin.
  • Boat owners are solely responsible for any property stored on the grounds.
  • Rental agreement will need to be completed.
  • Upon Payment/completed agreement for slip/rack, tag will be provided listing boat owner name, phone number, and E-mail. Tag must be on vessel and visible AT ALL TIMES while on property.
  • Checks for 2019 storage should be mailed to: RF&G, 32 Wappingwood Rd, Ellington, CT, 06029 or delivered to one of the Crystal Lake Chairmen prior to March 1, 1019. No exceptions.
  • Lack of payment by current renters by March 1, 2019 will result in slip first offered to current paid renters (upgrade), after which to the waiting list and/or general membership.
  • Crystal Lake Chairmen reserve the right to change any slip assignment.
  • Boats must be removed from property by Nov 30 of each year.
  • Whenever on property members and guests must sign in on sheet on porch, guests list accompanying members number in comments.
  • Please also include motor vehicle plate number on sign in sheet when left on property.

Note for 2019 – When picking up Vessel please sign provided sheet on porch with Name, Phone, E-mail, and current slip assignment for off season contact and future rental purposes.

Crystal Lake Clubhouse Rules

  • The clubhouse and grounds are open to current club members. Guests are permitted so long as a club member is present.
  • All members are required to sign-in and out with the name, time, date and membership number whenever entering or leaving RF&G Crystal Lake grounds.
  • Guests accompanied by members must sign in and out. Membership number and name of hosting member must be entered into comments area of sign-in sheet.
  • Gate is to be closed at all times except when entering or exiting the clubhouse grounds.
  • Swimming is NOT allowed off of or around dock area or boats.
  • If you are here on Sunday, please roll trash bin to curb for Monday pick up.

5 Crystal St, Ellington, CT 06029

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