Member Information

Documents on this page are for members only. Most documents will require the current year’s code from your membership card to access.

2021 Budget and Ballot for Jan 11, 2021 Call Meeting
View the 2021 budget using the link below. You can also view the ballot using the Jan2021Ballot link below to view the by-law change and vote for both the budget and by-law change. Bring your printed ballot to the Jan 11, 2021 members meeting at the main clubhouse. This will not be a regular meeting – you will sign in and cast your ballot. RF&G treasurer Bob Gerardi will be at the clubhouse to answer questions on the budget and John Collins, chair of the By-laws Committee will be available to answer questions on the proposed by-laws change.

  • 2021 Budget (use 2020 code to open)
  • Jan2021Ballot (use 2020 code to open)
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Voter membership card will be required to cast your vote. There is one vote per membership. This means family memberships have one vote and must show their voter card to cast their vote. The voter card will display Voter:Yes on the front of the card.

Documents of Interest

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