.22LR Two-Gun – Long Range Match – Man-On-Man

September 1st

.22 Action Bench Rest Man on Man

 .22 rimfire long rifle only. No .22 mag or .17 rimfire. Any action type, any sights. All shoot head to head.

From a seated position at a shooting bench on the rifle port, two shooters will each engage four reactive steel plates in any order at distances from 35 to 100 yards, then a “tie breaker” stop plate at 25 yards. Whomever hits all their targets plus the tie breaker first will be declared the winner.

Any front or rear rest will be allowed, but they must be separate. no front rest will be required; shooters may use elbows propped on the bench with or without a sling. Shooters may begin with 10 rounds only. Shooters may reload to finish if necessary BUT any reloads will be limited to 10 rounds.


100 yards: 6” circle

 75 yards: 5” circle

50 yards: 4” square

35 yards: 3½” circle

25 yards: 3” diamond