22LR Two-Gun Match – Timed September

22LR Two-Gun Match – Timed

Date:  Sunday, September 23, 2018

Time:  Start:  10:00 AM to 02:30 PM

Match Director:  John C. email:  chvatal@ymail.com or 860- 512-0632 (Home)  / Kris S. at 860-647-8867

Range:  Pistol Range

Targets:  Various steel targets of different sizes and shapes will be used. Placement will be at about 20’ to 25’.  Some targets will be reactive and others will not.

Firearm(s) / Ammunition:  Any manual or semi-automatic rifle or handgun with optics or open sights capable of shooting a 22 rimfire round is acceptable.  Most competitors favor a semi-automatic pistol and rifle with optics and detachable magazine capability.

Restrictions:  No use of centerfire firearms.

Safety:  All firearms will be brought to the range unloaded and cased.  Competitors and observers will provide their own ear and eye protection.  All competitors MUST attend the safety / match briefing.

Match Description:  Each competitor will engage their respective targets in the prescribed order of engagement.  There will be a mandatory reload and a prescribed number of rounds, most likely 20.  Separate classes are established for iron and optical sights.  Winners will be determined by the fastest time recorded.  A more detailed match description will be covered following the safety briefing.

Note:  Match may be cancelled / rescheduled due to inclement weather.  Call the RF&G Range Number (860) 454-0240 or Match Director(s) for the match status if the weather is forecasted to impact the event.  A sign will also be posted at the entrance to the range IF the match has been cancelled.