.22LR Two Gun Match- Man on Man

Date:  Saturday, 06/08/2019

Time:  Start:  10:00 AM to 02:30 PM

Match Director:   Kris S. at 860-647-8867. / Bernie D.

Range:  Pistol Range

Targets:  Various steel targets of different sizes and shapes will be used. Placement will be at about 20’ to 75’.  Some targets will be reactive and others will not.

Firearm(s) / Ammunition:  Any manual or semi-automatic rifle or handgun with optics or open sights capable of shooting a .22 rimfire round is acceptable.  Most competitors favor a semi-automatic pistol and rifle with optics and detachable magazine capability.

Restrictions:  No use of centerfire firearms or .22 rimfire magnums.

Safety:  All firearms will be brought to the range unloaded and cased.  Competitors and observers will provide their own ear and eye protection.  All competitors MUST attend the safety / match briefing.

Match Description:  Each competitor will engage their respective targets in the prescribed order of engagement, then the tie breaker stop plate. Shooters will begin with 10 rounds only. Shooters may reload to finish if necessary but each reload may not contain more than 10 rounds.

Note:  Match may be cancelled / rescheduled due to inclement weather.  Call the RF&G Range Number (860) 454-0240 or Match Director(s) for the match status if the weather is forecasted to impact the event.  A sign will also be posted at the entrance to the range IF the match has been cancelled.