Air Gun Fun Day

Air Gun Fun Day

An Airgun Fun Day was held at the Rifle Range on Saturday, May 12th 2018 with cloudy, cool weather, coffee and a propane heater to keep those trigger hands warm. We challenged the weather and won with an airgun “Field Target” type education provided by three visiting Lebanon, CT based “CT Airgunners” who were nice enough to demonstrate their equipment and shooting techniques. Their shooting involved the challenge of hitting several 1 1/2″ diameter targets out to 55 yards with each RF&G member and them some trying their equipment. Precision shooting !

We learned that serious Airgunners consider the concept of the wind. Each of the visiting airgunners had rifles with a tiny feather out by the muzzle indicating wind speed by the lift of the feather, so affected is the pellet in wind.  An unexpected lunch was provided by Chief Range Officer Chris V. with his famous “Hawaiian Venison” Stew. Bernie D. and Bill H. also helped immensely with the range set up and assisting the visiting new to airgun shooters which included a 12 year old boy with his father.

The Lebanon folks noted several times the excellence of our facilities in support of further airgun competitions such as precision benchrest and Field Target. Our goal is to continue discussions with the Lebanon CT based airgunners in effort to promulgate the art of future regional airgun shooting.

RF&G thanks the Connecticut Airgunners as well as the young man and several new RF&G faces who saw a new hobby.

The CT Airgunners can be found on the web at “”.


Bruce S.