Bowling Pin Match

Bowling Pin Match

Date:  Sunday, October 14, 2018

Time:  Start:  10:00 AM to 02:30 PM

Match Director:  Contact: Jim F. – email: or 860-684-9303 (Home) / John C. – email:

Range:  Pistol Range (Behind the 25 yard berm)

Targets:  Five (5) or nine (9) Ten Pin regulation Bowling Pins depending on the class being shot.  Pins will be positioned approximately 36 feet in front of the two (2) Portable “No Blue Sky” firing stations.  Note that this is a “Hybrid Bowling Pin Match” where the target pins will be hung from a horizontal overhead support in lieu of placing the pins on a 4’ X 8’ table as had been the convention.

Firearm(s) / Ammunition:   Any rimfire or centerfire Revolver or Semi-automatic Pistol capable of holding multiple rounds using either open or optical sights.

Restrictions:  No use of rifles or shotguns.

Safety:  All firearms will be brought to the range unloaded and cased.  Competitors and observers will provide their own ear and eye protection and may wish to bring chairs as this match is held down range.  All competitors MUST attend the mandatory safety / match briefing that begins at 10:00 AM SHARP.

Match Description:  This is a timed event.  Competitors may elect to shoot in multiple classes; however, they may only shoot once in each of the classes offered.  Each competitor will shoot three (3) separate back-to-back times at the pins in their class.  The best time of the three relays will be recorded as their final performance.  Competitors may elect to shoot in any of the following classes:  1) 9MM pistol or revolver with any sights, 2) Semi-auto pistol with optic sights, 3) Semi-auto pistol with open sights, 4) Revolver with optic sights, 5) Revolver with open sights, 6) .22LR Pistol or Revolver with optic sights, 7) .22LR Pistol or Revolver with open sights, 8) Pocket Pistol (Barrel length 3.5” or less) or Revolver (Barrel length 3” or less) with any sights.  Competitors will shoot at nine (9) pins in the 9MM class while only five (5) pins will be shot at in all other classes. Competitors may shoot as many rounds as necessary to strike their designated number of pins.

Note:  Match may be cancelled / rescheduled due to inclement weather.  Call the RF&G Range Number (860) 454-0240 or Match Director(s) for the match status if the weather is forecasted to impact the event.  A sign will also be posted at the entrance to the range IF the match has been cancelled.