Competition Match Results

2018 – Hunter Silhouette Match Results

A good turnout that included several young riflemen tested their skills on the challenging Hunter Silhouette course. All who attended made shots from hunting positions using sit, kneel and prone platforms or alternative positions while adhering to all range safety requirements.

The seniors, many whom are veterans, continue coming out to challenge their field shooting skills while proudly representing the club as role models and mentors of the shooting sports. Some slow cooked groundhog was enjoyed by many and top scorers took home unique trophies as mementoes of their riflery skills.

Several club members put in many work hours helping set-up, run and break down the match and I thank you all but especially wish to recognize Michael and Ryan C and Tyler S who raced all over the course resetting targets. Results are provided below:

Adult                                             Senior (> 65)                                                       Youth (11 -17)
Kris S* – 31                                  Phil M* – 19 (3 hits @ 100), 18                 Tyler Stoner – 19, 16

Chris V – 30, 28                         John C* – 19 (0 hits @ 100), 18                Ryan Corentin – 16, 8

Michael C – 21, 29                     Don H* – 12, 18                                           Remington Casida -14

David S – 21                                Rick A – 13

Bernie D – 20 (3 hits @ 100), 11

Scott W – 20 (1 hit @ 100), 11

Alan S -14, 11

(*alternative positions)


Bowling Pin Match Results

The FINAL match for 2018 was held on an overcast and cool day with temperatures stating out in the low fifties.  A surprising number of competitors attended despite the weather and competed in one or more of the various pistol and revolver classes.  Two firing lines were employed with either five or nine hanging Bowling Pins presented as targets beneath the Bullet Deflection System for each lane. All competitors shot three (3) timed relays in each class of their choosing .  The BEST times (in seconds) for each competitor by class are as follows:
.22LR Semi-auto W/Open Sights (Five Pins):
Jeff N.  4.00  (1st Place – Gold)
Phil M.
 7.15  (2nd Place – Silver)
Gordon G.
 7.37  (3rd Place – Bronze)
Mike A.
.22LR Semi-auto W/Optic Sights (Five Pins):
Jeff N.   3.23  (1st Place – Gold)
Michael C.
  3.82  (2nd Place – Silver)
Tyler S.
  5.34  (3rd Place – Bronze)  (Youth)
Mike A.
John C.
Jennifer B.
.22LR Revolver W/Open Sights (Five Pins):
Don H.   9.25  (1st Place – Gold)
Jon F.
20.20  (2nd Place – Silver)
Semi-auto W/Open Sights (Five Pins):
Jeff N.
 3.95  (1st Place – Gold)
Noah B.
 7.39  (2nd Place – Silver)
Mike C.
 7.69  (3rd Place – Bronze)
Tyler S.
Bruce S.
Nick S.
Mike A.
Gordon  G.
Don H.
Semi-auto W/Optic Sights(5 Pins):
Jeff N.  2.92  (1st Place – Gold)
Mike C.
 5.50  (2nd Place – Silver)
Jim  F.
 7.28  (3rd Place – Bronze)
Nick S.
Bonnie F.
Don H.
Revolver W/Open Sights (5 Pins):
Jeff N.  4.64  (1st Place – Gold)
Jon F.
16.78  (2nd Place – Silver)
Don H.
32.74  (3rd Place – Bronze)
Pocket Pistol / Revolver With Any Sights (5 Pins):
John C.35.65  (1st Place – Gold)
9MM Pistol / Revolver With Any Sights (9 Pins):
Jeff N. 8.84  (1st Place – Gold)
Jim F.
23.41  (2nd Place – Silver)
Nick S.
25.00  (3rd Place – Bronze)
Mike A.
Mike C.
John C.
Bonnie F.
Note that one competitor demonstrated outstanding performance.  It was a pleasure to have his participation in a match that he and his father used to run.  THANKS to all the participants and to those who helped set-up, run and teardown this match, especially the assistance of those who served as Assistance Range Safety Officers (ARSO).

Jim F. / John C.    



Centerfire Milk Jug Challenge II Match Results
Once again, two ladies joined forces to host and serve as joint Match Directors for the second and final RF&G Milk Jug Challenge for 2018.  The event was well attended by both experienced and new competitors to this form of fun shooting.  This timed event required competitors to strike five (5) Milk Jugs filled with colored water using ten (10) or fewer rounds by destroying one half gallon jug set at 25 yards, two gallon jugs set at 50 yards and two one gallon jugs set at 75 yards while shooting off-hand.  The ability to bench rest a firearm was encouraged for those who wished to do so.  When the competitor successfully obliterated all five jugs and had at least one round of ammunition remaining, an opportunity was given to take ONE shot at a one gallon jug set at 100 yards.  An “Atta-girl / boy” was awarded to those who demonstrated such extraordinary skill and several did so.
Competitors used a variety of firearms with optics and open sights as well as semi-automatic  and manual rifles in calibers including .22 Hornet, 9 MM, .327 and .44 Magnums,  .308, 7.62X54 and the more obscure 7.5X55 Military.  The most popular caliber was the .223 or 5.56X45.  Every caliber, especially the sole competitor shooting a 12 gauge slug gun, created a dramatic effect when the jug was well struck.
All competitors shot three (3) relays.  The BEST times in seconds for each competitor are as follows:
Semi-auto W/Optics (Off-Hand):
Bob F.                  .223 Rem.           14.81  (1st Place – Gold) – Plus an Atta-boy
Michael C.          .308 Win.            16.11  (2nd Place – Silver) – Plus an Atta-boy
Ed V.                     .223 Rem.           19.05  (3rd Place – Bronze)
Nic S.                    .308 Win.            19.75
Cheryl G.             .223 Rem.           49.24
Semi-auto W/Optics (Seated):
Ryan C.                .223 Rem.           18.53  (1st Place – Gold) – Plus an Atta-boy
TJ S.                      .223 Rem.           25.89  (2nd Place – Silver)
Bonnie F.             .223 Rem.           100.95  (3rd Place – Bronze) – Plus an Atta-girl
Semi-auto W/Open:
William P.           .223 Rem.           34.32  (1st Place – Gold)
David M.             7.62X54 Rus.      112.04  (2nd Place – Silver)
Manual W/Optics:
Kris S.                   .223 Rem.           20.23  (1st Place – Gold) – Plus an Atta-boy
Bob F.                  .22 Hornet          32.04  (2nd Place – Silver) – Plus an Atta-boy)
Jim F.                   .327 Mag.           32.57  (3rd Place – Bronze) – Plus an Atta-boy
Don H.                 .308 Win.            103.02
Manual W/Open:
Kris S.                   .223 Rem.           46.15 (1st Place – Gold) – Plus an “Atta-boy”)
Although many competitors destroyed fewer Milk Jugs than the number required for their run, their attempts did contribute to the large number of Milk Jugs being donated to the recycling facility at the conclusion of the match.  In addition, this match was attended by two youths and a young lady new to the sport; all of whom gave remarkable demonstrations of their natural abilities.  Despite not striking the elusive target at 100 yards during their fastest run, the following competitors did secure an Atta-boy or Atta-girl during one of their three runs:  Nic S. and Cheryl G.  Most notable was Bob F. attaining an Atta-boy at each of his three runs.  Since any remaining Milk Jugs would not survive the winter, approximately 50 jugs were placed at the 75 yard berm and every competitor was brought to the line for a “Mad Minute” at the conclusion of the match.  No Milk Jugs survived.
THANKS to all the participants and to those who helped run this match and especially the assistance of those who served as Assistance Range Safety Officers (ARSO).

Mary D. / Bonnie F.


.22LR Two Gun – Sept. 23rd 2018

For the last rimfire match of 2018 we ran with a new format. Instead of a single course of fire that competitors shot head to head over and over until there was one winner, the Sept 23rd match had three distinctively different stages to challenge each participant against the timer. First, with the handgun, then with the rifle and finally with a transition from one to the other.

Stage one required competitors to knock down nine bowling pins using just their sidearms. Stage two was a rifle only drill, with a pair of swinging plates that had to be shot while moving, plus six static discs. Stage three was comprised of 18 reactive steel targets that were engaged with both rifle and pistol. Shooters were allowed to choose whether to begin with the rifle and finish with the pistol, or vice versa.

Scores shown are the total of the BEST run shooters had on each stage.
Here are the results:

SHOOTER:            STAGE 1      STAGE 2      STAGE 3          TOTAL:

JOE K.                 13.25                11.88                17.32           42.45

KONRAD K.         6.38                 19.97               19.56          45.91

KRIS S.                  9.35                 11.52               27.86          48.73

JENNIE P.             12.97                15.39                29.34        57.70

BERNIE D.            18.83               21.28               28.30        68.41

STEVE L.               8.50                 24.50               36.49        69.49

JOHN C.                21.78               26.09               39.05        86.92

JIM F.                    15.52                47.14               45.86        108.52

DON H.                 14.62               31.00               66.07        111.69

PHIL M.                28.20               51.77                68.28        148.25

PATRICK S.           40.32               34.39               84.44        159.15

BONNIE F.            21.85               72.90               127.90        222.65



STAGE 2: KRIS S. 11.52

STAGE 3: JOE K. 17.32

Congratulation to Joe and Konrad for some impressive shooting. Fun to watch. WOW!! As always, my thanks to all who attended and helped reset targets throughout the day. Due to your efforts, the match ran very smoothly, and everyone got to shoot more than they would have without your assistance.


.22 Two Gun Match Sept. 8th


           On an overcast but comfortable Saturday morning, there was a relatively small turn out of 12 people for the match. This just meant that everyone got to shoot more than if there had been a larger crowd.

Each pair of competitors had to navigate through a challenging array of 16 reactive steel targets each; 10 shots with their rifle, the rest with their handgun getting to the stop plate before their opponent.

When it was all over, after some great shooting the match was won by two non, club members (our new friends) Bob N. in first place and Jen P. finishing second.

I’d like to congratulate our winners, and as always, thanks to  all that came to participate and help out. I hope to see you all at the next .22 Two Gun match scheduled for Sunday Sept. 23rd.


.22 Action Bench Rest Match Sept. 1st


In a first of its kind .22 rifle match at our club, competitors went head to head from the bench shooting reactive steel targets of various sizes. The targets each shooter had to engage (seven in all) were displaced horizontally and vertically at distances from 25 to 100 yards.

Almost two dozen participants descended upon our range to take part. Their challenge was to hit two, six inch round plates at 100 yards, one five inch round plate at 75 yards, two four inch square plates at 50 yards, one three and one half inch round plate at 35 yards, and finally one three inch diamond at 25 yards, all before their opponent did.

When it all was said and done, Rockville’s own Bernie D. emerged victorious, with non, club member Robert N. the runner up.

Hats off to everyone that attended and especially those who worked (tirelessly) as assistant range safety officers and target re-setters through out the day. No match like this one can be successful without the help and cooperation of all who attend.

Congratulations Bernie, and again many thanks.               


 Falling Plates – Pistol Caliber Rifle

This annual match was attended by a number of competitors using both semi-automatic and lever-action firearms chambered in a variety of current and obsolete calibers.  Two competitors weredrawn at random to determine which shooter was first to knock down his or her five (5) falling plates.  After seven (7) preliminary rounds, competitors were divided into squads for double eliminations.  Those with four (4) or more wins were assigned to A Squad with the remaining competitors assigned to B Squad.  The winners of each squad are as follows:
A Squad
Mike C.  –  1st Place
Nick S.  –  2nd Place
B Squad
Bernie D.  –  1st Place
Ed V.  –  2
nd Place
Congratulations to the winners of each squad!  In addition, thanks are extended to all who helped to set-up and teardown the match equipment.  Special appreciation is especially extended to those who served as Assistant Range Safety Officers to promote match safety.


22-2 Gun (Timed)


Once again a core group of shooters turned out to vie for top gun.  Shooters had sixteen steel targets to hit with twenty shots and a mandatory mag change.  This stressed both accuracy and speed.  Once again Kris S. showed us that he is a TOP GUN.  Kris had the best time and the best average time of all shooters.  Good job Kris.



Don H.81.2380.81


Kris S.41.9439.29

Chris V.​​56.2253.49

Steve L. ​​62.035​​​56.78

Phil M.88.2367.84

Ed V.90.535​​78.12

Patrick S.158.295138.88


Rick G.​​54.755​​50.50

John C.​​66.3464.84

Bernie D.69.3467.92

Alan S.69.4368.64

Jim Q.80.0376.32



2018 Benchrest Match Results            July 15, 2018

A mixed group of adults and older adults (>65 yrs.) participated in this year’s fun match. George K showed his skills remain sharp winning the 50yd rimfire with a very high score (246) and one of the top all-time 22 rimfire precision (100yd. 5 shot group) scores of .619. Glen T took 2nd in 50yd rimfire (239) then 2nd in 100yd accuracy (166) for the overall combined top score of 405 taking home top prize of a Newington Gun Gift Certificate. Chris V and Gordan G combined scores of 398 and 396 rounded out the top three with Gordan taking home a McDonalds Gift Certificate. Other noteworthy scores include Bernie D 22 rimfire accuracy (145) and Gordan’s varmint class 100yd accuracy of (188) shooting his 243 Rem. 700 with handloads. No records were broken but both George and Gordon came close in this demanding shooting discipline that requires a good rifle scope combo, good ammo and skill to shoot consistently shot after shot from a bench. Thank you all who participated and all who assisted in match preparations, set-up and take-down.

It is hoped in 2019 that some of Rockville’s numerous Tactical Rifle owners come out to see how well they can shoot 100yd accuracy and precision events.




50yd Rim/Place

100yd Acrcy/Place

100yd Prcs/Place





* Heavy Rifle




Bernie D







Bonnie F







Jim F







Rick G







Gordon G







George K







Kris S







Glenn T







Chris V















22 Two Gun Match – July 7th, 2018

Saturday July 7th dawned bright, sunny and cool. The heat wave had broken! Nearly two dozen shooters came out to participate in a “man on man” contest with .22 rimfire rifle and pistol. Competitors were challenged by 18 reactive steel targets ranging in size from 4” to 8” in diameter at distances from 35 to 65 feet. Opponents were selected by random draw.

After everyone shot through the course of fire three times, the field was separated into two classes designated A and B, based upon the number of wins and losses it the three preliminary rounds. A and B class then paired off and shot against the others in their respective class; A shooters against A shooters and B shooters against B shooters. When any shooter sustained two losses they were out. This continued until there were only two shooters left in each class. The winner of the last shoot off was declared the champion of their class.

Everyone that attended the event seemed to have a lot of fun. When the smokeless cleared and the brass settled, the match winners were:

A class champ: Konrad K.  Runner up: Kris S.

B class champ: Shelly O.Runner up: Mike C.                              


RF&G Pistol & Rifle’s  .22LR Silhouette Shoot
June 24th, 2018
Start Time 10 am @ Rifle
Open to Club and non-Club members 

With all the fun of an old fashion carnival shooting gallery without the cotton candy or stuffed animal prizes, 16 shooters turned out to take on this old favorite. This reactive target match pitted the shooter’s skill to knock over small, medium and large size metallic animal silhouettes at 25,50,75 and 100 yards using .22 LR ammo.  While many of the participants were old hands but we did entice a few new shooters.  Everyone had a great time with the match finishing in the early afternoon.

Only rifles were used by participants though pistols are permitted.

The first number is targets hit out of 40 possible and the second number is the number of 100 yard rams hit. There were 2 rounds of competition.

In Round 1, the winners were as follows:
Bob F.                  25-5
Kris S.                   23-6
Don H.                 20-3

In the second round:
Kris S.                   27-8
Alan S.                 24-5
Bob F.                  24-4

Special kudos to Phil M. for posting a 19-5 as the only shooter to attempt this course with iron sights.

Come and enjoy shooting accuracy with your fellow sports-men and sports-ladies on July 22nd at 10AM !







Airgun Fun Day


An Airgun Fun Day was held at the Rifle Range on Saturday, May 12th 2018 with cloudy, cool weather, coffee and a propane heater to keep those trigger hands warm. We challenged the weather and won with an airgun “Field Target” type education provided by three visiting Lebanon, CT based “CT Airgunners” who were nice enough to demonstrate their equipment and shooting techniques. Their shooting involved the challenge of hitting several 1 1/2″ diameter targets out to 55 yards with each RF&G member and them some trying their equipment. Precision shooting !

We learned that serious Airgunners consider the concept of the wind. Each of the visiting airgunners had rifles with a tiny feather out by the muzzle indicating wind speed by the lift of the feather, so affected is the pellet in wind.  An unexpected lunch was provided by Chief Range Officer Chris V. with his famous “Hawaiian Venison” Stew. Bernie D. and Bill H. also helped immensely with the range set up and assisting the visiting new to airgun shooters which included a 12 year old boy with his father.

The Lebanon folks noted several times the excellence of our facilities in support of further airgun competitions such as precision benchrest and Field Target. Our goal is to continue discussions with the Lebanon CT based airgunners in effort to promulgate the art of future regional airgun shooting.

RF&G thanks the Connecticut Airgunners as well as the young man and several new RF&G faces who saw a new hobby.

The CT Airgunners can be found on the web at “”.

Bruce S.





Centerfire Falling Plates Match Results


The first of two (2) Centerfire Falling Plates Matches that were planned for 2018 was attended by a number of competitors devoted to the venue.  Several ladies participated in the match and gave respectable performances while a number “old hands” continued to demonstrate their proficiency by choosing to use a “Wheel Gun” and compete against those with semi-automatic handguns.

After seven (7) preliminary rounds, competitors elected to all compete in one squad for triple eliminations. Results of the closely contended competition are as follows:

Robert D. –  1st Place
Don H.  –  2nd Place
Rick G.  –  3rd Place

Congratulations to those who earned the Gold, Silver and Bronze!  Thanks to those who helped by serving as Assistant Range Safety Officers and assisted in the set-up and tear-down of the Falling Plate Racks including clean-up of the range.

As this type of friendly completion increases in popularity, club members are encouraged to join fellow members in future events.  Check the RF&G Web Site.  Click on Events, then Competition to review the variety of offerings 2018.

John C. / Jim F.