Military Rifle Match

Service Military Rifle Match


On Sunday, June 3, beginning at 10 AM, Rockville F&G will be hosting a bullseye military rifle match. There will be 3 classes:

1) Rifles of a type issued by ANY nations’ military before 1945, with iron sights.

2) Rifles of a type issued by any nations’ military after 1945, with iron sights.

3) Military rifles of any era with optical sights.

Civilian look-alikes of military rifles are allowed. Minor modifications, including sporterizing will be allowed.

Bipods and shooting jackets will be prohibited, but slings may be used.

The target will be a paper bullseye at 100 yards. Shooters will shoot 10 rounds each from 1) standing, 2) sitting on a bench  and 3) prone on a platform. Allowances will be made for those with physical difficulties.

The time allowed for each position is 4 minutes.


Have your rifles sighted in and kinks worked out prior to coming to the match, as there won’t be time to do it match day. DO NOT bring a rifle with a hair trigger or any other safety issues.


Since the shooting times are generous, manual action rifles will not be at a disadvantage against semi-autos. There is even enough time for single shot rifles, such as the trapdoor Springfield.

Muzzle loaders will be prohibited.


No fully automatic weapons may be used on the range. Tracer and incendiary ammo is prohibited.

Rifles are to be brought to the range and firing line cased and unloaded.

As always, eye and hearing protection is required for all shooters and spectators.


Contact Ed V. at 860-537-1233 for any questions.