Centerfire Milk Jug Challenge

Date: Sunday, October 6th, 2019

Time: Start: 10:00 AM to 02:30 PM

Match Director: Bonnie Foss / Mary Rinaldo-Ducat – Contact: or (860) 684-
9303 (Home)
Match Fee: $10 RF&G Member, $15 Non-member.
Range: Rifle Range
Targets: One (1) half gallon Milk Jug set at 25 yards, two (2) one gallon Milk Jug set at 50 yards and two
(2) one gallon Milk Jugs set at 75 yards for a total of five (5) Milk Jug Targets. An optional “Atta boy”
Milk Jug will be set at 100 yards. Each Milk Jug is filled with water to provide a dramatic effect when
Firearm(s) / Ammunition: Any manual or semi-automatic centerfire rifle or handgun with optics or
open sights capable of shooting a high velocity and / or a heavy grain bullet. Most competitors favor a
semi-automatic rifle with optics and detachable magazine capability. Firearms and / or magazines are
limited to ten (10) rounds maximum. Competitors will typically use less than fifty (50) rounds depending
on the number of match participants.
Restrictions: No use of rimfire firearms. No magazines loaded with more than ten (10) rounds.
Safety: All firearms will be brought to the range unloaded and cased. Competitors and observers will
provide their own ear and eye protection. All competitors MUST attend the safety / match briefing.
Match Description: Each competitor will engage their respective five (5) Milk Jugs beginning with the
half gallon Milk Jug set at 25 yards, followed by the two (2) one gallon Milk Jug set at 50 yards and finally
two (2) one gallon Milk Jugs set at 75 yards using NO MORE THAN ten (10) rounds. An optional single
one gallon Milk Jug will be placed at 100 yards and competitors with at least one (1) round of
ammunition remaining, will be asked if they wish to take a SINGLE SHOT in pursuit of the published
“Atta-boy” Designation AFTER their time has been recorded for the mandatory targets. Competitors will
engage the targets while shooting off-hand. Use of slings is permitted. Those with difficulties may elect
to sit and shoot using their arms as rests. Separate classes are established for manual firearms with
optics and without optics and for semi-automatic firearms with optics and without optic. Winners will
be determined by the fastest time recorded for their mandatory five (5) Milk Jug Targets by class. A
more detailed match description will be covered following the safety briefing.