About Us

Rockville Fish & Game club is a private club targeted toward servicing our members’ interests and needs. Due to liability concerns, the facilities are closed to the public as a norm. Guests accompanied by a member in good standing are welcome.

We often hold public shoots and meets which anyone can attend. The calendar of events is available on the Calendar page, and additional information can be found on the Competition page and our Facebook page.

The Rockville Fish & Game Club, which was established in 1925, is a member-oriented and owned Sportsman’s Club, dedicated to outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, recreational shooting, and archery.

The land and facilities owned and operated by the Club include a large Main Club House and Pavilion that can be rented by members. Sport shooting ranges for trap and skeet, a rifle range, pistol range, an archery house with a practice field, two fish ponds, and the club owns and maintains a house on Crystal Lake with a boat launch and pier. These facilities are located on approximately 93 acres south of Fish & Game Road, and 38 acres on the north side. In addition, the club owns and maintains a house on Crystal Lake with a boat launch and pier.

Some of the recreational pistol and long gun activities include;

Ladies Range Day

Bulls Eye league

Women’s Pistol league

UCONN Pistol league

Trap & Skeet leagues

Events for the Boy Scouts

There are a variety of different shooting events during the summer:

Plate & pin shooting

Action shooting

Black powder day

Annual bullseye competition between the pistol and archery shooter

The Skeet & Trap range provides Trap or Skeet targets as requested by the shooters.

The two fishponds, which are stocked yearly, invite members to try their luck. There is also fishing on Crystal Lake and members can keep a canoe or boat at the Lake House.

For the Archers there are practice ranges and a 3-D shoot on the third Sunday of most months during the spring and summers. A 3-D shoot is a target competition that challenges the archers with a variety of life like targets on a course laid out in the woods.

The State of Connecticut, Department Of Environmental Protection, also uses the Club for the required conservation Education Firearms Safety Course. Qualified members conduct pistol safety courses and provide guidance to shooters who would like to participate in the different leagues. Safe gun handling and shooting are primary goals of the club and all members are expected to teach and practice the safe gun handling principles.

Individuals interested in membership must be sponsored by a current member in good standing. For additional membership criteria click here: Membership

Our objectives as a club are as follows:

This corporation is established:
A. To uphold the fish and game laws of this State, the other states of this nation, and to insist upon a strict observance of the same.
B To Promote, observe and defend from waste our wildlife and natural resources and to encourage the preservation and development of open spaces to ensure that future generations will benefit from all we preserve.
C. To use its influence, where possible, to secure the right to fish our streams, lakes, and ponds, and to hunt and camp over our woodlands.
D. To prepare and support better laws for the benefit of all sportsmen, and to review legislative proposals and recommend actions accordingly.
E. To encourage the stocking of fish and game in waters and fields of our locality.
F. To promote the feeling of true sportsmanship.
G. To Cooperate with the farmer and landowner in suppressing the selfish and careless hunter or fisherman and to see that landowners rights are strictly observed and their property not damaged in any way.

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