Member Information

Documents on this page are for members only. Most documents will require the current year’s code from your membership card to access.

Work Hours

Work hours for FY22 have been tabulated as of June 30, 2022 and they are included in everyone’s renewal statements which have been mailed and should arrive by October 21.  We will be including links for the hours which will be counted towards 2023 renewals beginning in December.

If you have a question about your work hours, email Include your name and membership number.

Membership Application

A sponsor is required for anyone seeking membership. The sponsor must be a current, non-probationary member of RF&G in good standing.

The membership form cannot be submitted electronically. Signatures are required from the applicant and the sponsor. The form needs to be mailed to the PO Box or turned in during a Members meeting by the sponsoring member.

Board and Committee Chair Contact Information

Use the 2022 6-digit code to view this document.

Get on the Members Mailing List

Receive weekly email blasts and the members-only newsletter. 

Documents of Interest

Use the 2022 6-digit code to view these documents.


Use the 2022 6-digit code to view these documents.

Covid-19 Safety

Members – view the RF&G COVID-19 Policy

Each Club Member & Guest is responsible for:

  1. Following all safety guidelines established at the event.
  2. Reporting a positive COVID test when symptoms begin within 72 hours of attendance at a club event, to either the event organizer or the Vice President in charge of Safety.
  3. Following the CDC quarantine regulations.  Click here to access the CDC quarantine guidelines.
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