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Eligibility can include anyone but preference is given to applicants in the Tri-town area which includes Vernon, Tolland and Ellington.  Applicants outside of this area CAN join the club but we have rules which helps to keep a “Tri-Town Resident” to “Out of Town Resident” ratio.  We also have a maximum membership which we do not exceed.  Openings become available for many reasons and at any time.  You could submit an application and get right in or it could be months or more.

If you are interested in membership you will need to find a sponsor who is a member of the club in good standing, and send in an application to set your place on the list.


Application for membership requires you to be sponsored by an active member of RF&G. The member sponsoring you can obtain a copy of the membership application for you

If you are new to the area, this rule still applies. Lacking a member to sponsor your application, you can next contact any member of the board for RF&G. Feel free to attend our monthly meeting, or attend a public shoot and make your desire known. Any of our members will point out one of our club officers for you.

Membership Demographics

1.  Membership Limit: Members (including Probationary and Pending, excluding Life, Honorary and Military) shall comprise of no more than seven hundred and fifty (750).

2.  Residency/Membership Ratio: Local: Members (including Probationary, excluding Life, Honorary, Pending and Military) residing in the three town areas of Vernon, Tolland and Ellington shall comprise at least sixty percent (60%) of the membership. Non-local: Persons residing in towns other than Vernon, Tolland, and Ellington shall make up no more than forty percent (40%) of the Members

Membership Applications

1.  Applicants shall:

a.  Be sponsored by a Member of the Corporation in good standing.

b.  Be eighteen (18) years of age or older, in good repute.

c.  Agree to honor and abide by all the rules of the Corporation, including those set forth by the Executive Board and/or Committee Chairmen.

d.  Respond to the Membership Secretary’s notification of membership vacancies within thirty (30) days or forfeit their eligibility and be dropped from the waiting list.

2.  The Membership Secretary shall:

a.  Consider applications from the immediate family (child or sibling) of a Member, if received within six (6) months of the applicant’s eighteenth (18th) birthday, first regardless of residency requirement, membership limit or membership ratio. This period may be extended for Family Members.

b.  Review applications when received, verify sponsor status and notify the Executive Board of anomalies.

c.  Separate applications by Local or Non-local status and maintain a waiting list in chronological order according to when the applications were received.

d.  Notify applicants when membership vacancies exist, within the membership limit and ratio guidelines, and their application is eligible for processing.

3.  Membership in the Corporation shall be granted when all of the following conditions, in order, are met:

a.  Appropriate membership vacancies exist within membership limit and ratio guidelines.

b.  The applicant has been presented to the membership by their sponsor.

c.  The applicant has appeared for a scheduled interview! orientation meeting. A minimum of five (5) elected officers of the Corporation shall be present.

d.  The applicant receives a favorable recommendation to the membership from the Membership Secretary and the officers at the orientation meeting.

e.  The applicant has completed payment of the initiation fee, current year’s annual dues, prorated if applicable, and any other fees deemed appropriate.

f.  A majority of the members present at a regular meeting vote toaccept the applicant as a member.

Mandatory Work Commitment:

1.  All Probationary Members of the Corporation shall work twelve (12) hours per year during the two (2) year probationary period. The work must be for the benefit of the Corporation and approved by an Executive Board member or a Committee Chairman. Failure to complete the work commitment in the allotted time will result in loss of membership. A member with extraordinary circumstances may be granted additional time by the Executive Board. Probationary members shall actually invest time in the Corporation and shall not pay the dollar substitute for hours not worked.

2.  All Regular members shall work four (4) hours per membership period in support of the Corporation’s activities. Any member not completing the minimum of four (4) hours shall pay a fee substitute per hour not worked with their subsequent membership dues. Work hours may be fulfilled by:

a.  Serving as an elective officer or committee chairman.

b.  Assisting with any club activity or work party.

c.  Representing the Corporation’s interests at legislative, local, state and federal functions.

d.  Any other activity approved by the Executive Board or Committee Chairmen.

e.  Life, Honorary and Military members are exempt from work assessments.

Termination of Membership:

Secretary or any other member of the Executive Board shall notify individuals of possible termination of their membership in writing. The termination of membership may be appealed by the member. Appeals must be in writing and shall be presented to the Executive Board for consideration.

Terminations shall be considered:

1.  If any information on the application is falsified.

2.  When any member of the Corporation is, or has been, convicted of a felony, punishable by one year or more of incarceration, in any court, in any jurisdiction of the United States or Military Court of the United States.

3.  When any member violates through misconduct the rules and regulations of the Corporation

4.  When any member exhibits abusive or unsafe behavior.

5.  When a member does not pay annual dues (exempt from written notice requirement, except for general announcements in the Corporation’s newsletter and non-receipt of membership card).

6.  When a member fails to complete their work commitment.

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