How To Write Your Legislator

These letter-writing tips are provided courtesy of CCDL and can be used to write, email or call your legislator in regards to a bill. View the full CCDL document on writing to your legislator. 

Legislators want and expect to receive emails, letters and phone calls on issues that are important to their constituents. Connecticut legislators usually don’t receive many emails, letters or calls about most issues, but when they receive numerous communications about the same issue they are more likely to give those special attention. It’s important for them to get the facts and important information about your issue. Contact your legislators; It does make a difference.


• Keep it short and to the point. Try to address Only one bill or issue per email / letter.
• Be polite! You want to build on communications with your legislator.
• Use a standard font (Times New Roman, Helvetica, Calibri) and in font size 12.
• Start your letter by stating what you want your legislator to do; Example: “please vote in favor of Bill xxx’ or “I would like for you to … ”
• Give personal reasons why this issue is important to you.
• Point out the effects a bill will have on any local groups, organizations or groups of people


re: [Bill#] 
To [name of the legislator]

I live in [your town/city], Connecticut and wish to express my [support/ opposition] for a proposed bill. 
An act '[title of the bill]', I ask you to [support/ oppose] this bill because [reason(s) why you support/ 
oppose this bill]. This is why I ask you to [support/ oppose] An act '[title of the bill]' 
Thank You for your time.

[your name] 
[town, CT zip] 
[phone# (optional)] 
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