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RFG members Volunteer needed for grilling food during the matches.

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Upcoming Events 2023

RFG is part of the New England Field Target League.

April 23 FT Match Club House

July 23 FT Match Upper Pond

August 4-6 FT Grand Prix

RFG Grand Prix Register Here

October 22 CT State Match Club House

Map of Clubhouse Air Gun Range & Field Target Course (Use Gate A)

Drone Fly Over Upper Pond Course

Map of Upper Pond Field Target Course (Use Gate B)
Woods Course on Upper Pond Road

Important News

Club House Air Gun Range is now open for all Rockville Fish & Game members and their guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Completed Events – Photos, Match Reports, Course Data

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Field Target Match Info

9 am – 10 am Registration and Open Practice at the Club House Air Gun Range.

  • Eye protection is required.
  • RFG Waiver must be signed for non-RFG members. Waiver is good for the current year.
  • Shooter must fill out registration form.
  • Shooter must fill out score card.
  • Add shooter’s name to leader board.
  • Match fees
    • $15 – non-RFG members
    • $10 – RFG members & Juniors (under 16 years old) with Parent or Guardian
  • Power Limit to prevent damage to the knock down field targets.
    • .22 caliber maximum
    • 20-foot pound energy limit maximum
      • Foot Pound Energy calculation = velocity (feet per second) x velocity (fps) x mass (grains) / 450,436.
      • Use a chronograph to determine velocity in feet per second.
      • Use a electronic grain scale to measure pellet mass.
  • Shooting Classes
    • Unlimited PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) – 20 foot-pound energy limit (not recognized by AAFTA)
    • Open PCP – legs straps, bum bag, no scope mag limit, 20 foot-pounds energy limit
    • WFTF PCP – bum bag, no scope mag limit, 12 foot-pounds energy limit
    • Hunter PCP – shooting sticks, any type of seat with no arm rests, 20 foot-pound energy limit, 16x max scope magnification
    • Piston WFTF – bum bag, no scope mag limit, 12 foot-pounds energy limit
    • Piston Hunter – shooting sticks, any type of seat with no arm rests, 20 foot-pound energy limit, 16x max scope magnification
    • Break Barrel & Junior – break barrel, 20 foot-pound energy limit, 12x max scope magnification (not recognized by AAFTA)

10 am – 10:15 am Practice at club house air gun range closes.

10:15 am Match Starts (two whistle blasts – hot line is declared – yelled out).

  • Course Format
    • Each shooter in each squad will shoot 4 shots per lane.
    • 2 shots at the near target and then 2 shots at the far target.
    • 15 lanes total.
    • Each squad will move from lane to lane in sequential order until they complete all 15 lanes.
    • 60 shots/maximum points total. 120 points max for juniors or break barrel class.
    • When a timer is used, shooter will start timer before grabbing their air gun. Time limit is 5 minutes for 4 shots.

75 cubic foot carbon fiber air tank will be positioned between lanes 7 and 8 for pre-charged pneumatic air gun shooters.

  • Scoring
    • Knock-down (X) or miss (O) miss.
    • Juniors or break barrel class only. Knock down (2), Face plate hit (1) or Miss (O)

10:15 am – Approximately 1 – 2 pm match ends when last score card is handed in. Cold line is called (one long whistle blast) and yelled out.

Approximately 1 pm – 2 pm Course cleanup.

  • End of Match tasks
    • Roll up pull strings back to targets. Field Targets will remain on concrete bases and tree shelves.
    • Tally up scores on leader board.
      • If there are tie scores, shoot off will take place on Lane 1.
    • Declare match results per class.
    • Hand out gift certificates.
  • Prizes – Pyramyd AirGift Certificates – based on total score- all classes combined
    • $10 – 1st place overall match high score
    • $5 – 6th, 11th and 16th or last place

Contacts: Leo Gonzales (, Bernie Ducat (

Silhouette Match Info

Link to Video of air rifle silhouette shooting

  • All shooting is done offhand unsupported. No shooting jackets, no slings, no shooting gloves, no butt hooks.
    • Air Pistol Distances – 10-yard chickens, 12.5-yard Pigs, 15-yard Turkeys, 18-yard Rams
    • 10 animals per distance in groups of 5 animals or 5 animals per distance shot twice.
    • One shot per target in sequence from the left to right.
      • If shot out of sequence, it will be considered a miss on both the intended target and the hit/knocked down target.
    • 2 1/2 minutes timed for 5 shots. 15 seconds to get ready and load your rifle for the first shot.
    • 40 targets/shots total for 1 course of fire. Typical match can have 1-3 courses of fire.
    • Scoring – (X) knock down completely off stand or (O) miss (even if animal is struck, rotates but does not fall off stand)
    • .22 caliber maximum
    • Recognized NRA Classes
      • Target rifle class (10-meter rifles)
      • Sporter Rifle Class
      • Open Rifle class
      • Air Pistol Irons
      • Air Pistol Any Sight
    • Unofficial Class – Standing supported for those who cannot shoot without a rifle rest – single point of contact only.

Speed Silhouette

  • Pyramyd Air Version
    • Air Rifle Only Distances – 10-yard Chickens, 25-yard Pigs, 40-yard Turkeys, 55-yard Rams
    • 5 animals per distance. 20 animals in total.
    • Head-to-head single elimination format – first one to knock down all targets wins the round.
    • Use 1/10th scale silhouette animal targets.
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