Archery Range

Rockville Fish & Game’s archery facility has been designed for the beginning archer’s as well as the most accomplished shooter. The facility has foam target butts faced with paper bull’s eye targets at ranges from 10 to 50 yards. The archery range is also lighted for year-round use.

The archery range is open year-round for members use.  All members and guests must sign in before using the range.  During scheduled events and work parties the range may be closed.  These closings will be posted in the Rockville Fish & Game’s newsletter prior to any work parties or scheduled events.

Archery hunting is becoming more popular due to longer season, liberal bag limits and access to smaller parcels of property.  As hunters we know finding our quarry is difficult at times.  Archery hunting provides an opportunity to sharpen your skills as a hunter, provides an opportunity to enjoy nature and sharpens your skills as a woodsman.

Rockville Fish & Game’s archery committee sponsors 30 target 3D shoots between the months of January thru June.  These events are published in the RFG’s newsletter and web site.  Once on their web site click the Resources menu for the 3D shoot calendar.  At our shoots please ask for the years schedule of events as well.  This book provides a listing of 3D shoots east of the river.


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