Crystal Lake Clubhouse


Rockville Fish & Game offers to every member, and their family, a wonderful little piece of serenity. Located on Crystal Lake’s south end is a cottage that provides bathrooms, a kitchen, a sitting area, screened porch, a picnic area, a spacious dock, and a rowboat available for each member to use.

If you’re a fisherman, the lake extends a challenge. Bass, trout, and bluegills are abundant. The boat must be signed up but there is plenty of space to fish from the dock. Have your own boat? RF&G rents out slips on its’ dock. There is a boat launch right next to the dock if you care to use your boat, with plenty of parking. Paddlers have a place to store their canoe too. Not a fisherman? There is access to a public beach just a stone’s throw away. Members seem to socialize at the cottage year-round. Ice fishing is becoming very popular. Opening Day starts very early with various activities.

All season long there are work parties and potluck dinners. Thursday nights offer a lot to do at almost any RF&G location. So, bring your family and your friends to a wonderful location to enjoy the scenery and the fishing–most of all remember to observe all boating rules, and play safely.

Boat Slip Rentals (Members Only)

  • Existing slip/rack boat storage must be registered and paid with RF&G.
  • Cost for storage
    1. Slip cost is $75 per season. Max boat length is 14’, no exceptions. Sail and water ski boats are prohibited.
    2. Rack storage $75 per vessel, $30 for additional Kayak stored in same rack location. Limit of 1 Canoe or 2 Kayaks per rack location. Only Canoes and Kayaks on racks.
  • No storage of personal gear within the cabin.
  • Boat owners are solely responsible for any property stored on the grounds.
  • Rental agreement will need to be completed.
  • Upon Payment/completed agreement for slip/rack, tag will be provided listing boat owner name, phone number, and E-mail. Tag must be on vessel and visible AT ALL TIMES while on property.
  • Checks for storage should be mailed to: RF&G, 32 Wappingwood Rd, Ellington, CT, 06029 or delivered to one of the Crystal Lake Chairmen. No exceptions.
  • Lack of payment by current renters will result in slip first offered to current paid renters (upgrade), after which to the waiting list and/or general membership.
  • Crystal Lake Chairmen reserve the right to change any slip assignment.
  • Boats must be removed from the property by Nov 30 of each year.
  • Whenever on property members and guests must sign in using the sheet on the porch, and guest record must include accompanying members’ number in comments.
  • Please also include motor vehicle plate number on sign in sheet when left on the property.

Note – When picking up Vessel please sign provided sheet on porch with Name, Phone, E-mail, and current slip assignment for off-season contact and future rental purposes.

Crystal Lake Clubhouse Rules

  • The clubhouse and grounds are open to current club members. Guests are permitted so long as a club member is present.
  • All members are required to sign-in and out with the name, time, date and membership number whenever entering or leaving RF&G Crystal Lake grounds.
  • Guests accompanied by members must sign in and out. Membership number and name of hosting member must be entered into comments area of sign-in sheet.
  • Gate is to be closed at all times except when entering or exiting the clubhouse grounds.
  • Swimming is NOT allowed off of or around dock area or boats.
  • If you are here on Sunday, please roll trash bin to curb for Monday pick up.

5 Crystal St, Ellington, CT 06029

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