Rifle and Pistol Range Operating Hours
Thank you to the member RSO's who have volunteered their time. Range hours are displayed by the sign up sheet.

You can view the SIGNUP SHEET to see if any additional RSO volunteers have made more time slots available, or, if you are an RSO, you can SIGNUP.

If you are a certified RSO or NRA Instructor, your help is needed with range oversight and training efforts. Please email safety@rfgclub.com or leave a message at the range number (860-454-0240) with your name, phone number and certification held so we can contact you.

Dates extended until Dec 3
Club Apparel
Check out club branded apparel in the online store at Rockville Fish and Game Online Store hosted by NovelTee's. Remember you can get a more customized selection by visiting NovelTee's in person.


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