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Check out club branded apparel in the online store at Rockville Fish and Game Online Store hosted by NovelTee's. Remember you can get a more customized selection by visiting NovelTee's in person.
Field Signs information
The events committee has come up with a new and easy way to raise money for the Friends of Connecticut Sportsmen’s Dinner. Field signs (or for those of you who do golf tournaments) T-Signs!! Everyone knows someone who has a business or maybe even you own your own business, a favorite restaurant, hair salon, liquor store, you know where I’m going, sell them a sign to advertise their business here at RF&G!! $120.00 gets them seasonal advertising from the day the sign is put in the ground until the end of October! They will never get an opportunity like this anywhere else and be seen by as many people as we have using and visiting our wonderful facilities.

Click on the link below and get started to support your club in this great fundraising opportunity. (All venues also have the same opportunity to use these same forms to raise money for your venue.) Any questions? Please contact: Kris Moulard.

**We are also looking for raffle basket donations for the August 12, 2023, F.O.C.S Dinner, form also in link, thanks!!

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| Raffle Donation Form | Donation Blank Letter Form |


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